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G.P.S. Vehicle Tracking

G.P.S (when legally applicable)saves client money while helping us to exercise their right to discovery. G.P.S. has become very controversial lately, there has been law suits brought about as a result of tracking devises being used or attached to vehicles in an unprofessional manor. The positive side of this technology is that it greatly reduces the cost of surveillance for the client. This enables clients, who would otherwise not be able to afford the service they need, to move forward with allowing us to gather evidence they need to show the truth in court. This is especially important when it comes to cases where child abuse, neglect, or molestation is suspected.

We use G.P.S. when our client has an ownership interest in the vehicle being tracked. G.P.S. enables us to remotely follow the vehicle via satellite. The G.P.S. does not provide use with any information that we could not obtain by using multiple investigators to follow the vehicle,and only works when the vehicle in view of the sky. 

Video Surveillance

Video evidence is difficult to dispute when properly authenticated by a qualified private investigator. With over 25 types of video cameras, we are equipped to document most any situation in any type of case.

Hidden Camera and
Recording Systems
(no audio)

The service that separates us the most is the ability to install hidden cameras in existing furnishings and appliances.

There are many types of hidden cameras that are pre-built into anything from a teddy bear to a pencil sharpener. These are often very useful devices; however there are four problems that one might run into with these setups. The problems that we address are Lighting restrictions, Power restrictions , restricted recording duration, ans problems associated with introducing a new appliance or object into the area without arousing suspicion.

Casteel Agency 25

Background Research & Skip Tracing

Attorneys, need to know who and where their witnesses are.

Employers need to know who they are hiring.

Landlords and property managers can save thousands in costly eviction processes by pre-screening.

Can't find the person you need to have served?


Internal Theft

The amount of losses suffered by businesses annually is staggering.

We have had tremendous success in controlling corporate losses by attacking internal theft head on.

One thing to keep in mind is that it can be surprising how deep internal theft can go and how many employees it may involve. Take into consideration that you may find yourself dealing with staffing problems when all is exposed and make preparations before hand.


We use several methods to weed out the thieves including physical surveillance, hidden cameras and G.P.S. tracking of assets or merchandise.


Workman's Compensation
Fraud Investigations

If your in claims or defense law, you've  dealt with investigators and have seen a lot of time shots to verify that the investigator was on site, shots of street signs, houses, cars and mail boxes; but what you need is video of the claimant engaged in activities. That is what we provide.  We work anywhere in Alabama and are prepared to handle anything from the most difficult rural case to the challenges of a distressed neighborhood.

Bug Sweeps

Are you living with concerns that there may be intrusive surveillance devices in your home, office, or vehicle?

A sweep can help locate and eliminate audio and video devices as well as G.P.S. tracking devices and computer or cell phone spy ware.

Process Services

Through the years we have learned to select the times that we attempt service very carefully to increase the chance of getting the job done right the first time. When requested, we can video the service with hidden cameras so as not to alarm of offend the person being served while documenting the service to use in case of any type of dispute.

We give special attention to last minute assignments and will work with you to assure that you get the return of service on time. 

Counter Surveillance

Are you being followed, watched, stalked? Our counter surveillance efforts take you beyond a basic debug. This can extend from physical counter surveillance to hidden cameras.

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